Thursday, November 20, 2008

My hiatus....

from blogging is over! Not that it was a pre-meditated hiatus. We have just been so busy here, and I have felt very overwhelmed with the things I need to do on a daily basis, nevermind having time to blog.

So, a quick update! Things are going VERY well! Helmut's back has healed remarkably well, he is off of all of his pain meds, but now he can't sleep. He hasn't slept (again) for the last 2 nights, and he is EXHAUSTED. Even the sleeping pills his doctor prescribed aren't working. But other than that, there is no residual pain or anything at all from the surgery.

Kelsey has moved in with us full time. We LOVE having her around all the time, it's been great!

Justin just finished out his volleyball season on Monday, and basketball tryouts started yesterday! Talk about no break! He did AMAZINGLY well this year and was named captain of his team. This is Justin's senior year, and he is trying harder than I have ever seen him try. He's involved, he's getting good grades, he's playing sports, working and has a girlfriend...who said high school doesn't teach you time management!!! We are so proud of him...he's doing really well.

Brett is back into hockey full swing. We don't have the opportunity to go to very many of his games, which I know really bothers him, so we're trying to be able to make it to a few more. He's also doing really really well in school this year and is learning to do his homework even when we aren't around. We are also very proud of him! He has also got a speaking part in this years Christmas play at school. We are looking forward to going to that!

Khai is loving preschool. He is doing very very well, and we just love seeing him learn. It's been great. Also, I'm not sure I mentioned, but Khai's adoption went through on September 8th. He is OFFICIALLY Helmut's, and it's great.

Declan is still active as anything! He is always crawling around, and has now started taking a few steps by himself at a time. It's so cute. I can't believe he will be one in a couple weeks. Crazy.

Speaking of Declan being one, our daycare gave away our spots, so I don't know how or if I'm going to be able to go back to work. We are looking for an alternative daycare, but finding one in the next couple weeks could be difficult. We'll see how that turns out!

I have been keeping busy doing everything under the sun it seems. I'm making the majority of our Christmas presents this year, and my goal is to be done them by November 30th. A lofty goal, but one I THINK I can achieve. Even if I still have a few things to do in December, I want to spend most of my time with the kids, enjoying the season.

I've been working on some new projects to do with the kids, and some that just bring me joy. Maybe a little later on, I'll post some of the things I've done!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!