Monday, April 28, 2008

On the mend

I am pleased to announce that our home *appears* to be sickness free! I'm feeling a thousand times better, and other than being up too late everyday for the last several days, things are pretty great around here. Helmut and I were able to go out for dinner last night, which was really nice...good food...good company...good everything, except we both really missed home. We are both homebodies, and neither of us really NEED time away. Not saying we don't occasionally like to go out...we do, but when we do, we always end up missing home. And it's not just the kids, though that is a large part of it, we also just love being together, comfortably, in our own home.
Home. It's such a wonderful word. It's not something I've really had since I was at home with my parents. I, of course, made a home for myself and Khai, but it was never really complete. With Helmut and the kids, everything feels whole.
Home. Love. Thank the Lord for our home.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...and it has run rampant through our house!

We're officially sick! Justin was home from school today, throwing up, Khai has the sniffles and a cough, Declan is starting to get sniffly as well, and I have a full blown head cold! Ick.
I'll write more when I feel better...right now, I'm off to get some tea.
Sweet dreams all!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Love Like I've Never Loved Before

On Saturday night, enveloped in a sea of candles, roses and rose petals, the love of my life asked me to marry him.

I said yes.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you say MIGRAINE?

My head has just been aching these past few days, but today was the worst of all. I spent most of the day wishing for my head to just explode already. Unfortunately it didn't, and to top it all off, I was supposed to be getting ready for my all day scrapbooking on Saturday. I'm not sure than non-scrappers can full appreciate the labour intensive packing that happens when you go away to a crop for a day. In any case, I still have done very little packing, and am ready for bed.
My grandma is in town from Thunder Bay, so we headed over to my uncle's to visit her this evening. This is the first time she has met Declan, so it was nice for her to finally get to meet him.
In any case, I am glad this day is almost over for me, and I am heading off to bed. Sweet dreams all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kids say the Darndest things!!!

Khai, Declan and I have been walking to the "cookie store" every day, as I said yesterday, and today was no different. Kelsey was at home today, so she joined us as we walked. Yesterday, Khai had some stones in his shoes, so he stopped to get them out, and as he dumped them out of his shoes, he said ,"I don't like the crumbs in my shoes Mummy." I asked him what crumbs he was talking about, and he pointed to the little dirt, pebbly sediment that accumulates at this time of year and said, "Those are crumbs Mummy, did you know that?" That is his new favorite saying, "Did you know that?" As though every single thing he says could be new information to the rest of the world.

Today, as we were finishing at Sobeys, the little basket under the stroller proved to be too small for all our groceries, and Khai asked to carry the Shreddies box. As we were walking out of the parking lot, he said, "My legs are too tired!" and proceeded to sit (rather pathetically) on the curb with his cereal box...

We also did some finger painting, and he really seemed to enjoy that! My earlier hopes of getting Declan involved were dashed as he decided to sleep! I will get his hand and footprints for my scrapbook one of these days!

This evening, Kelsey, Brett and I went to the mall. We got blizzards, mine had chocolate covered peanuts and brownie BITS, of course when Kels asked what was in it, she thought I said brownie PITS, and you can imagine the jokes for the rest of the evening!

It was an amazing day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Have you ever looked at any of your kids and seen pure joy in their eyes? This morning was Khai's first day of swimming lessons, and I saw that joy! It was so much fun! We had a wonderful time, and what a surprise that there was a friend of ours in our class!

He wanted to jump in the pool before lessons even started. It was a wonderful day.

He and I have started walking to what he calls the "cookie store" everyday. It's actually the Sobeys that's just down the street from us, but they give him a free cookie each time, and that's what he remembers...

It's nice to be able to get out into the sunshine every day and finally not feel lethargic!

I love spring!

For the first time today, Declan laughed out loud! Apparently he is ticklish! How sweet! It is a wonderful little laugh...take a look!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy 43rd Birthday Helmut!!

Well, it has been a long time since I posted, mostly because of lack energy, not lack of inspiration! This past Friday was Helmut's birthday. It turned out to be a WONDERFUL day. The secret gift I'd been hiding for 2 months, I was finally able to give him, and he loved it. The kids and I gave him tickets to a Nascar race in Kansas City in September. He loved them!

It made us feel so wonderful to be able to give him something that we knew he would love, and wasn't expecting.

My Mum made him this awesome Nascar cake that he thought was really cool, and actually everyone thought it was really neat. She bought the cake pan before they moved back here from Oregon, so it was a huge forethought that he really appreciated.

On a personal note, it is so wonderful to be so completely in love with someone, and to know that they completely love you back, with or without Nascar tickets. I love you Helmut, and I always, ALWAYS will. I am forever, yours.