Friday, November 27, 2009

The grass is still green...

and it is hard for me to feel like Christmas is coming.  I've been watching all my favourite movies that make me feel Christmas-y, like "You've Got Mail" and "While You Were Sleeping" and listening to Enya's Christmas CD (sorry, the name is lost on my right now) which has now become one of my favourites; nothing seems to be working.
I've completed almost ALL of my Christmas shopping (December 1st is our deadline) and am well on my way to completing my homemade/handmade gifts. 

But it still doesn't feel like Christmas.  I really think I need it to snow.

Hard to believe I'm wishing for this.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Khai celebrated his one year anniversary of asking Jesus to come and live inside his heart.  One year since he got mad at Declan for climbing on him and grabbing at his chest because he might have "pinched God"
We are so proud of his decision and we continue to nurture that relationship inside him.  And because of that we are trying to really celebrate these milestones in his life.  So today (because we had a very busy day yesterday) we have had a little party.  This afternoon, Khai got to have a Coke (in a cold cup) and watch some TV instead of having a quiet time, and we made cookies.  Blue cookies (I wonder whose idea that was?) 

It was a nice quiet afternoon.  We had some good snuggles on the couch while he was watching (and I was trying not to watch) The Big Comfy Couch and I really enjoyed watching him get excited about cracking the egg and using the electric mixer. 

It was a great day Khai.  Thanks for being the beautiful child of God that you are.  We love you and we are so proud of you...

P.S. I loved your blue cookies. They were yummy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Focus...

Have you ever had so many things that you want and need to get done, and you can't figure out a good way to organize your brain and find order to them?
I'm feeling like that right now.  I've started several projects for the kids for Christmas, and (as per usual) have gone overboard.  Not on the amount of things I've started, but for the amount of people I'm giving them to.  I did a post last Thursday on the MSS blog about the 12 Days of Christmas.  Something I do for my kids where they get a handmade gift on 12 random days in December.  Well, this year, I have included the older two's boyfriend and girlfriend (and if you're reading'd better not break up before Christmas :) ) and my nieces and nephew.  I'm not sure how it happened.  And I'm not sorry that I'm doing it.  I just have a million other things to do as well. 

So, while I'm sitting here trying to focus...check out my post today on the MSS blog and leave a comment there for a chance to win a giveaway from me!