Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kids say the Darndest things!!!

Khai, Declan and I have been walking to the "cookie store" every day, as I said yesterday, and today was no different. Kelsey was at home today, so she joined us as we walked. Yesterday, Khai had some stones in his shoes, so he stopped to get them out, and as he dumped them out of his shoes, he said ,"I don't like the crumbs in my shoes Mummy." I asked him what crumbs he was talking about, and he pointed to the little dirt, pebbly sediment that accumulates at this time of year and said, "Those are crumbs Mummy, did you know that?" That is his new favorite saying, "Did you know that?" As though every single thing he says could be new information to the rest of the world.

Today, as we were finishing at Sobeys, the little basket under the stroller proved to be too small for all our groceries, and Khai asked to carry the Shreddies box. As we were walking out of the parking lot, he said, "My legs are too tired!" and proceeded to sit (rather pathetically) on the curb with his cereal box...

We also did some finger painting, and he really seemed to enjoy that! My earlier hopes of getting Declan involved were dashed as he decided to sleep! I will get his hand and footprints for my scrapbook one of these days!

This evening, Kelsey, Brett and I went to the mall. We got blizzards, mine had chocolate covered peanuts and brownie BITS, of course when Kels asked what was in it, she thought I said brownie PITS, and you can imagine the jokes for the rest of the evening!

It was an amazing day.

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