Monday, April 28, 2008

On the mend

I am pleased to announce that our home *appears* to be sickness free! I'm feeling a thousand times better, and other than being up too late everyday for the last several days, things are pretty great around here. Helmut and I were able to go out for dinner last night, which was really nice...good food...good company...good everything, except we both really missed home. We are both homebodies, and neither of us really NEED time away. Not saying we don't occasionally like to go out...we do, but when we do, we always end up missing home. And it's not just the kids, though that is a large part of it, we also just love being together, comfortably, in our own home.
Home. It's such a wonderful word. It's not something I've really had since I was at home with my parents. I, of course, made a home for myself and Khai, but it was never really complete. With Helmut and the kids, everything feels whole.
Home. Love. Thank the Lord for our home.

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