Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Have you ever looked at any of your kids and seen pure joy in their eyes? This morning was Khai's first day of swimming lessons, and I saw that joy! It was so much fun! We had a wonderful time, and what a surprise that there was a friend of ours in our class!

He wanted to jump in the pool before lessons even started. It was a wonderful day.

He and I have started walking to what he calls the "cookie store" everyday. It's actually the Sobeys that's just down the street from us, but they give him a free cookie each time, and that's what he remembers...

It's nice to be able to get out into the sunshine every day and finally not feel lethargic!

I love spring!

For the first time today, Declan laughed out loud! Apparently he is ticklish! How sweet! It is a wonderful little laugh...take a look!

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