Saturday, September 13, 2008

August 28th...

Again...I'm playing catch up!!
Today was Helmut's surgery. We dropped off the kids at Grandma's house and went to the hospital. We were pretty emotional, as I was nervous already, and I think it was starting to hit Helmut, that this really was SURGERY!
We got into an OR prep room right away, got him hooked up to an IV and chatted while we waited for him to go in. They told me he should be up in his room at about 3:30 pm. So, tearfully, I said goodbye, and went to the cafeteria. I sat there attempting to organize things, called Shannon and chatted, hoping to take my mind off of things, and finally I went up to the floor they told me to go to. Sat in the "day room" until 3:30. Wanted to ask where he was, but didn't want to be "one of those wives" whom everyone thinks is a pain in the neck (Emily Gilmore for example), so I waited until 3:45. (I know...such restraint!) So, they said he was out of surgery and should be up soon....10 minutes later, I hear a voice over the intercom paging the doctor who had done the surgery. Yeah. That wasn't a good feeling. All I could think was that there was some complication, that he had been paged to Helmut's side in recovery...I was FREAKED OUT. I just kept praying for him to be okay, and telling myself that we were both in the Lord's hands. So, instead, I parked myself on two VERY uncomfortable chairs outside the room they'd assigned him to, and waited. He came up at 4:45. I was so happy to see him.
More later...I'm TIRED!!

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