Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

These were my mother's day gifts this year!

A beautiful bouquet of tulips from Justin and Magda, along with a handmade SCRAPBOOKED card (by Magda)

These are solar powered lights...they turn all different colors when the sun goes down...BEAUTIFUL!! (From Helmut and the kids)

And last but certainly not least, an iPod docking station! I LOVE this! I have to put it in my scrapbooking area, but today is the first day I've been feeling up to it...so maybe tomorrow!

We have had quite the weekend! Declan has been throwing up since Thursday. Yuck. So, he's been miserable because we haven't given him any milk. Starting to feel better today, but he's still a little out of sorts. Khai wasn't feeling well on Saturday night, so we put him into our bed to fall asleep. I went in to move him back to his bed, and he got up, and threw up all over our floor. So we cleaned up, and put him back into our bed. He called me 20 minutes later saying "Mummy!! This time I threwed up IN your bed" Yeah. Fun times. We did laundry late into the night before we could get to bed. ICK.
Here's the way he tells this story:
"I threwed up on the floor, in Mummy's bed, in the toilet, in the bucket and in the toilet again" Very accurate actually...but funny that that is how he recounts the evening.
Sunday came and Declan was still throwing up...Khai was feeling better...and I WAS NOT!!
We had our niece and nephew's birthday party to go to in the afternoon, and I came home early. Was in bed by 7, throwing up by 10 and sort of asleep by about 4. NOT A GOOD NIGHT.
I was hardly able to move all day on Monday, but am feeling marginally better today.
So, all around it's been the land of the pukey here...and Helmut's starting to feel sick now!

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Kim said...

Hope the sickies leave your house...SOON. Get well.