Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night

Last Saturday night, Helmut and I embarked on our first date of the year.  It was very simple, we went skating and then to Starbucks for coffee afterwards. And, even though the ice kept popping under my skates and made me feel as though I could fall through at any moment, it was a fantastic date.

On the way home, we ordered food from Earl's, picked it up (48 minutes after we ordered, 28 minutes after it was supposed to be ready) and went home to relieve our wonderful babysitter (and daughter), Kelsey. 

Notes for next time:

- Make sure Helmut wears a proper toque or a belaclava.  He was cold before I was!
- Find a pond that doesn't "pop" under my skates.
- Order Earl's at the beginning of the date.  Maybe then it will be ready by the time we go pick it up!

Helmut wore his new contacts, and we skated around the pond at St. Vital Park; talking about nothing in particular and holding hands.  It was a wonderful and relaxing evening of just being with each other.  I love you baby!

**As a side note, I apologize for my absence this week.  I've been very sick and am currently typing this in bed, with one hand; a cup of tea in the other hand and a pile of dirty kleenex surrounding me.  I will be blogging about Whopper Wednesday later this weekend.

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Photographing Mom said...

So glad you had your date!!! Hope you get feeling better real soon.