Friday, February 22, 2008

Kids, Kids, Kids!

As I said, I have five kids. The three oldest, Kelsey, Justin and Brett, are my stepkids, the two youngest are Khai and Declan. I must say, I hate that I have to make that distinction. I love them all as my own. It was a surprise to me, the first day I realized that I thought of them all as my own. Those of you who are parents, know that there is no love like the love for your child; I feel the same instinctive defence of them when they get picked on; the same pain when someone hurts their feelings; the same fear when they hurt themselves. I feel this for ALL my children, and I felt that way very shortly after meeting these three amazing kids; there is no turning back.

Right now, Khai is in Carman, visiting my parents, and while I am enjoying the peace and quiet, (and the chance to finally start my blog) I miss him dearly. There is less life in the house without him, and I miss his smile.
Well, duty calls! Declan is awake!

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