Friday, February 22, 2008

Best Friends...

Does anyone remember in grade/high school, when you were dating someone, and you were on the phone with them ALL the time? Telling them your hearts desires, how stupid the rules your parents had were, how annoying your siblings were; whatever was in your heart, or in your head, you shared. Then, after your phone curfew was up, you'd write notes (at least I did), letting them know every thought you had, until you went to bed. I used to think that you lost that once you were in an "adult, mature" relationship. I thought that, that is, until I met Helmut. I still feel an aching desire, to tell him everything; to share ALL that is within me; to let him know the real me, and in return, to know him completely. He is the first one I call when something good happens, when the kids do something extraordinary, or when I hear bad news. There are somedays when I simply need to hear the sound of his voice and my nerves become much less sensitive, others when his laugh gives me complete comfort. His arms are the strongest I've ever felt when they are wrapped around me, and the most gentle when he is caring for any of our kids. I've never known anyone like him, and even more special, I still want to tell him everything. He is my best friend.

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