Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Going back to school was always one of my favourite things.  I always looked forward to buying school supplies, getting a new outfit (some of which my mom made herself) and meeting a new teacher. So, my enthusiasm transfers over to my kids.  I want them to be excited, so I made a big deal about starting school for Khai and starting a new school for Brett.
The first week seems to have gone well.  Khai now goes every day (mornings only) and he LOVES it. Brett seems to be enjoying this school better, and that makes me happy.
We walk to and from school every day, and it's been great to get out and get some fresh air. 
Declan is completely lost without Khai around.  He doesn't know what to do, and has been very clingy these first few mornings.  He gets very excited when I tell him that we are going to pick up Khai...and then all is right with the world once he sees him standing inside those school doors waiting to come out.

As for me, I love being in a routine. I love having to wake up early; making a cup of tea before anyone else wakes up; having a shower without kids running in to ask me questions; and having time to wake up properly before starting my day. I love having supper prepped and ready to go by lunch time. I love having the kids home at lunch (partially because I don't like packing lunches).

Like I said. One of my favourite things.


Kim said...

I love the routine of school too. Enjoy the year...

Marcy said...

yay for routine!!