Sunday, August 17, 2008


I suck at this whole blogging thing! At least I suck at doing it consistently. It has been a VERY busy month and a bit for us! We've been out and about doing so many fun things with the kids.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

And those are just a few!
I was given a new Sony Alpha 200 camera for my birthday this month, and I have been taking every picture I possibly can! I love it! Helmut certainly knows how to buy me gifts =)
I also got a wonderful patio set from the kids. I had an awesome birthday.
I started working on my Christmas gifts today. I want to make things for everyone in my family as part of their gift, and I know it will take me forever, so I decided to start today. It's hard to think "Christmas" though, when it's hardly back to school!
Well, I'm really tired...we've been trying to get ahead of the game around here, as Helmut's surgery is now in less than two weeks, so I'm off to wind down, and hopefully get to bed at a half decent time!!
Hope to be back here in LESS than a month!

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