Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, we drove up to our front lawn to see this:

Most of the branches had been cut off of our tree out front.  The city was doing their annual pruning, and apparently they decided to prune most of the tree. Brett said our tree looks naked. :)

Khai had his first skating lesson last night.  He did SO well! We are so proud of him.  I think he did an awesome job getting up, and I love that they teach them how to fall.  He doesn't quite have the gliding thing down yet, but he's balancing and staying on his feet.  Plus it's all just so adorable to watch!

(sorry for the bad photo, the light sucked in that arena!)

Today, started off irriatingly (is that even a word?), and didn't get much better...and I've still got quite a bit to do yet tonight.
I woke up extra early because I wanted some time to do my devotions, and have some quiet time by myself before the kids woke up.  I got up, got straight into the shower and got out to see both Khai and Declan waiting for me. This was at 645 am.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same. I didn't get a lot done.  I feel very unproductive and tomorrow is Wednesday.  Wednesday is not usually a good day around here.

Three more photos before I go to bed...

(Brett took this last one of himself in the car...super cute!)

I'm off to bed!
Sweet dreams to you all.

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