Monday, May 24, 2010

Today and yesterday

Yesterday, we stayed late chatting at Bible study and we accidentally locked Justin out of the house (he got dropped off  while we were still there and had forgotten his key).  As a result, he has now proclaimed himself MacGuyver.  And all because he managed to start a fire (in the fire pit) with just a barbeque, some paper and a couple pieces of wet wood. 

Did I mention he's quite proud of himself?  It took him 5 minutes to tell me the story on the phone.  It was really sweet.  To tell the truth, I thought it was pretty cool too and I liked it even more because he was happy.  I love seeing my kids happy, and being able to delight in the everyday things.  Especially when the situation could easily have been a negative one :)

Today was a pretty great day too! We took the boat out for it's inaugural ride and had a great day at Falcon lake.

The very first trip!

Everyone else, ready to go!

I know I've said this before, but I'm so happy that Helmut is happy.  We had a great day together with the kids and I can't wait to make these day trips a regular occurance!

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