Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I never thought...

...that I'd get to go to Vegas, let alone stay at one of their most amazing hotels, but that is what we are doing!  We, along with some friends of ours (one of whom is a complete genius for finding an amazing deal) , will leave for Vegas at the end of February!

Can you guess where we're staying? 
It's supposed to be one of the most amazing hotels on the strip.  Oh. I just can't wait! 

I'll share more details with you as we figure them out, but for now, I need your help! This will be my very first trip to Vegas. What do I absolutely have  to do while we're there?

Did I mention I can't wait!!


valerie said...

I love, love, love Vegas. We've been twice - both times we stayed at the Flamingo. Awesome.

You need to check out the forum shops at Ceasar's Palace, you need to spend time watching the fountain at Bellagio - daytime & nightime. Amazing. So amazing.

We haven't done any of the high cost items, but my brother went to one of the cirque shows last year, and was totally blown away.

So jealous!

Hilda said...

Oh you're going to have such a great time!! It was sooo hot when we were there, enjoy the cold margarita's!!

Kim said...

Jealous...have fun!

Sophie said...

I've been told the buffet at the The Bellagio is a can't miss experience (although I missed it the two times I've been there!).

The best dinner I had when I was there was at Spago in Caesars Palace.

Have fun!!

Nichole said...

YAY for Vegas!! Can't wait, Nicole!! So glad we are going together!!

nicole said...

Me too Nichole!! It's going to be GREAT!