Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things I realized today...

Khai is AMAZING at piano.  He picked up the things we were learning in class today SO quickly.  The more he practices, the better he gets! Yes. I may be a bit biased but really, I was so proud of him. I really need to practice consistently with him.

I love afternoon naps. 

Helmut is very uncomfortable with me telling Khai the truth about his adoption.   He doesn't like discussing it, he thinks it will confuse him and that we shouldn't tell him yet.  He got very defensive, very quickly, and the truth is that he doesn't want to feel like he is the "other" father in Khai's life. The truth is that he is the only  father that Khai has ever known (and likely ever will know) and I wish he felt as secure in that as both Khai and I do.  He should try being a step mother.  

Brett is loving having his own room.  He is more pleasant now that he has his own space and he's proving that he's got the sense of responsibilty along with his new found independence.

I've hardly taken any pictures this month. 

Declan has some amazing blue eyes.  He gets me everytime I look at him.   He's got this way of looking at you until you melt and this way of hugging you that takes your breath away. 

I love my new haircut.  I needed a change.

and finally....6 more sleeps til VEGAS!!!!

What did you realize today??


marcy said...

Oh my goodness..... Declan has GROWN since I've seen him last!

Nichole said...

Only 2 more sleeps now!!!

Kim said...

One more sleep..wish I could put a "jealous" emoticon here!