Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm not sure if I mentioned....

I LOVE the snow!!!

Well, I love the first snowfall of the year, right on up to and including New Year's Week.  After that, my excitment wanes, but hey, by then, I'm looking forward to Spring!

Last week Thursday, here in Winnipeg, marked our first real snowfall of the season.  It started slowly...

(can you see the snowflakes in this one?? They sort of shine because I used a flash.)
and picked up speed! By Friday morning, my part of the world looked like this.

I stopped on the way to work to take this picture.  The world felt peaceful and lovely.

So, on Friday afternoon, I was UBER excited (yes, I'm allowed to use that word.) that the snow was continuing to fall, and fall hard.

People were laughing at me at work, (even more than they usually do) because I was like a child.  I would hop and skip over to the window to watch the snow fall and I was just plain giddy.  It felt like a winter wonderland to me.  Perfect and beautiful. 

Nothing could ruin my excitement.  Not even the fact that, on the way to get Declan from daycare, I locked my keys in the van, while it was running.  Yup. I'm THAT good.  Nor the fact that it took CAA an hour to come to me (and I was a priority, because the vehicle was running!). Nor the fact that I was going to be late to pick up a friend with whom I was having dessert later on in the evening.  Nope, I was still happy as a school girl whose hair is FINALLY long enough for pigtails.  (Just go with me on that one).

I don't know why I love the first snowfall so much.  I remember being excited as a kid, the first time a snow flake fell.  My sisters and I would get all bundled up in our ski pants and jackets (because one flake CLEARLY warrants ski pants) and we would go out in the "snow" and play.  This year, on Remembrance Day, our 3 youngest did the same.  Brett, Khai and Declan all got into their snowpants (granted, they needed them, because they were soaking wet when they came in) and went outside and slid around on the deck. 

I love that my kids are experiencing some of the same things I did.  I hope they the magic in the air and I hope they remember these things, when they are old, like me. 

SO! Happy first snowfall to all of you Winnipeggers out there.  I hope you enjoy this magical season, and that your happy and peaceful memories will keep you warm while you are scraping the snow off your cars.

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