Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i decided to share....

my scrap space with you all!
The frame on the right used to have a piece of glass in it...declan took the whole thing apart and i "put away" the glass...and now I can't find it. So, I'm altering it...I've done some sanding, and I have some other ideas that I will hopefully finish this afternoon.

This is the main space where I scrap. The table with the papers on it is where I put together my layouts. The other table is where my sewing machine goes. I like to have it out, whether I'm sewing or scrapping...that's where it's most happy :)

The seagrass tower houses journalling tags, transparencies and "stickers". I put stickers in quotes because this is really anything with an adhesive back...not just your traditional sticker like stickers.

On hooks above the tower, I hang my minis. I love having them out, but with declan at the age he is...they would be in tatters! So I hang them up high where I can still see them, but they are safe from tiny hands :)

This bucket houses my embroidery stuff. Old vintage patterns I found at my Mum and Dad's place, embroidery hoops, thread/floss/yarn, a pair of scissors and bits of old material I will eventually embroider on. I often embroider just before bed, so having everything in a bucket makes it easy to carry around the house!

This is my FAVOURITE thing in my whole room. My wonderfully talented hubby heard me talking about the expedit shelves from Ikea, and for Mother's Day last year (2008) he made me this (with the help of the kids). He made it so that it could fit 2 of my craft boxes, and I love that I can access it from both sides!

Here's the other side!!!
Vintage phone (pink) on the little stand there. Justin hates how it sounds so I unplug it every night for him :)
***as a side note, I should mention that my husband made ALL of the wood stuff in this area....he's amazing.
My desk. computer. chair. usually a cup of tea. :)

All but ONE shelf of these cabinets are filled with scrapping supplies. No. I'm not joking.

This is the view from the couch. Jean and Lionel are on the tv! I ALWAYS watch the britcom "As Time Goes By" while I'm crafting. I've seen all the episodes a million times, but I love them all!!
My tea/beverage area is on the end of that counter top....

I found this ancient carafe in my hutch the other day. Keeps my tea warm for HOURS!!

My projects end up being displayed in one space or another. Here is a canvas I did of's to the right of the TV.

As Time Goes By. All the episodes. Except the reunion special. I have that PVR'd upstairs.

My best friend gave me this as a gift the other day. I LOVE it...but it hasn't found a permanent home yet...I've started filling it with embellishements...and it's just sort of out right now....I will find a home for it...and I'm planning on customizing it a bit too...Sticking stuff on with magnets so that I can change it whenever I want :)

My typewriter lives on this filing cabinet. One of my favourite purchases!

All of my alphas live inside the filing cabinet. I put baskets inside to sort of keep them contained, and they are STILL overflowing!!

See??? Overflowing.
I thought I would get tired of this color on the walls. BUT I LOVE IT!!! We painted about a year and a half ago (I think) and it's actually a really warm and lovely color. Surprisingly enough, it goes with almost any color and well...I LOVE it.
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my space with you. It's where I'm most creative, and quite honestly, other than my bedroom, is my favourite place in the house!!

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deryqueen said...

What a beautiful space Nicole, wanna lend me your hubby for about a week?!?! :)