Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a visit to the skate park....

This is one of my favourite photos of the day!! My sister in law and I took our kids (well, most of them) to the skate park on Sunday. We had SUCH a good time. I must say, I love it that the older kids (15-18 yr olds) are super polite when we go there. They are extra careful of our little ones, they watch their language and they are polite to us!
The last time I was there...one of the guys even turned off his music that he had playing loudly from his car because it had explicit lyrics! I totally appreciate kids like that!!

Anyway...this is dekkie doo! He was sliding backwards down one of the ramp things, and he said,"WHEEEEEE, WHEEEEE!" the whole way down. It was hilarious! He's starting to imitate our speech more and more and it's wonderful to hear!

Now, this guy! I swear, he gets better every time I see him sk8. This (I learned this week) is called a drop in. It's a lot trickier than it looks! and remember...this half pike is STEEP. Scary watching him sometimes, but he is so confident, and I love seeing him so passionate about something!
I love you Brett!!

Dekkie's attempt at sk8ing. too cute!

Khai *scootering*. That's his favourite word right now..."mummy, i was scootering and i...

...fell down..." We had a couple of these...one particularly bad scrape on his knee, but being a typical boy, once he shook off the pain, he wore his scrapes like badges of honour!!

Khai loved every second of the skate park. He loves being with his big brother and big cousin. He loves learning new tricks, and Brett has been so patient teaching him how to do stuff. While we were waiting for my sister in law to come and get us, Brett was trying to teach Khai how to jump over the fun box! It was too funny. I wish I had that on video tape!!! They were jumping off the deck over the funbox standing on it's side. Khai would stop everytime he got to the edge of the deck...losing all his momentum. HA! Hilarious.

Oh this one...he climbed up and down those stairs! He loves being outside SO much.

Days like these make me happy. I love seeing my kids enjoy themselves, I love being able to participate.

I love you all!

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