Monday, June 29, 2009

my baby...

needs glasses!

We had a visit with the opthamologist this morning. The dr. had recommended that Declan see him, because the condition which requires Khai to wear glasses, runs in families. I thought that it was going to be a "nope, everything is fine" type of appointment. Only to find out that his eyes are WORSE than Khai's.

This one has hit me hard...because I wasn't expecting it. Khai's eyes had started becoming cross-eyed, so I knew there was a problem...I just didn't think that anything would really be wrong with Dekkie's eyes. yeah. i'm feeling quite down today.

I also have ABSOLUTELY no idea how I'm going to keep glasses on this kids head!!! Well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Also, a big Happy Birthday to Brett as he turns 12 today!!!
I love you kiddo!

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marcy said...

Oh man Nicole!!! You'll figure it out!