Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teacher's gift....

Brett has had an EXCELLENT teacher this year. We are SO pleased with her and the extra time and attention she's put into him.

I always do something for end of the year and Christmas gifts....and this is what I made this year.

They are coasters, handmade, hand embroidered and designed by me (the embroidery that is...I got the idea for coasters online somewhere...they varied quite a bit from what my finished product is, but I want I did find the idea online).

I will also be buying two mugs from Starbucks (I'm a sucker for their mugs) and getting her a gift certificate as well....

The one with "learn" on it has a stack of books on it. You can't see it very well, but that's what it is!

Oh, and the undersides of the coasters look like this:

All of my energy has to go into creating these days, as there is a LOT of it. Mostly negative energy (stress, frustration, anger, resentment etc) which I'm not quite sure how to handle.
If I ever stop feeling stressed, I think all my creative juices will dry up!!
This too will pass.
Thanks for stopping by!


Kim said...

Those are awesome...too bad the end of school is next week or I might steal your idea...I have NO time to do anything like that. Do you have any SIMPLE ideas for a teacher gift? You can email me.

marcy said...

Great idea Nicole!! I really have to get my butt in gear with teacher gifts too!