Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On June 29th, 1997, Brett Gordon Helmut Schuster was born.
I was not there.  I did not give birth to him.  I am not his mother.  But he has my heart as though I were there.  As though I did give birth to him.  As though I were his mother. 

I am in the interesting position of being his step-mother.  I care about his welfare, I want the best for him, I laugh with him, I discipline him when necessary and I do his laundry.  I pick up after him, I make him meals, I help him with homework (when he has it) and I pray for him.  But, I'm not his mother. 

So, today, I am writing about a 13 year old boy (young man) who I have no biological claim over.  But, my heart doesn't know that. 

Brett, you are amazing.  You make me laugh and you can bring me to tears with your thoughtfulness.  You make my heart swell with pride and hurt when you say something mean.  You are a funny, easy to like kid, and my life is blessed because I have you in it.  You have made my days brighter and I love you.

I love coming to watch you play hockey or lacrosse or volleyball or basketball.  I love playing Killer Bunnies with you.  I love taking you to the Winkler Water Park (actually, I like taking you anywhere that you enjoy!).  I love talking to you and hearing your ideas on things.  I love answering your questions, and I love that you ask me questions even more.   I love everything about you.

Here, in my heart, you will always be my son.  And you will always be loved.


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