Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is the type of thing...

that happens when I go do the laundry...

I come up to this one standing on top of the buffet.  Would you like a closer look at those cupcakes?

Now, not all of them had icing on top, but those that did...well, you see the result. 

I left Declan in the capable hands of his Daddy and big brother.  Daddy fell asleep, and Khai was too engrossed in his DS to do anything except say ,"Mum, look at Declan!", as I came up the stairs. 

I was only downstairs for 5 minutes.

As I was showing this to Khai and Declan this morning, Khai informed me that not only did Declan lick most of the icing off of the cupcakes, but Khai also helped.  He pointed to the cupcake that he removed the icing from. Apparently he was not as engrossed in his DS as I thought.

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