Sunday, June 20, 2010

I did it.

Well, my "30 days of thankful" was over on the 18th of this month.  I have faithfully recorded three things per day that I am thankful for.  I still have to post June 7th - 18th, and I will get to that some time this week.
It was an excellent little "experiment" in gratitude, and I must say I benefitted from it.  I think in a years time, it will be great to go back over it and read all of the things I was thankful for during this 30 day period.

Things over here have been quite emotional.  After the trip to Toronto, everything seems so much more real here.  Every little thing that happens (or doesn't happen) makes me worry that it might be the last.  It's good in the sense that it has made me much more deliberate, and has made me less....stressed...about the little things...either that, or I'm just becoming numb to pain.

On a Father's Day note, today was a busy one.  We had church this morning, Brett had a lacrosse game at noon, Khai had a piano recital at 3, and then we all went to Helmut's parents for a BBQ.  I wish Helmut had actually had time to relax, but even now that we're home (and he could be relaxing) he isn't.  He's downstairs tinkering with something or other. 

We celebrated Father's Day with my dad yesterday out in Carman, and it was an enjoyable, relaxing time.

I'm hoping to be back this week with pictures from our time in Toronto, more of my "Things to be thankful for" and some general musings.  Happy Father's Day everyone! 

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