Friday, June 25, 2010

A little bit of "around here"...

I cut my hair.  Before we left for Toronto, I got it done.  I went to my sister's hairdresser as I couldn't get into mine in time (I always try to make my appointments the day before I want it done...I have to break that habit!)

It's one of my favourite haircuts to date.  It's fun and I can wear it a few different ways, which is not something I've been able to do with a haircut before.

This is how Declan likes to fall asleep.  Behind the door, with his towel (and his brother's towel) wrapped around him. I'm thinking I should probably make him a blanket!

My Spider-sense is tingling.  Teletoon Retro (and thereby Spiderman, Batman and Super Friends) have become favourites in this house! When my sister took Khai to Ace Burpee's family fun day (she works at HOT103) he got his face painted like Spiderman.  This was all over the sheets the next day, because Daddy decided not to wipe it off before bedtime (I was out at the time....clearly!)

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Kim said...

Nice hair....I love it!