Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 books I want to write.

1. I am, by no Means, an Expert on Anything, but...
2. Things My Six Year Old Says
3. Things You Shouldn't Say or Do (because your 2 year old will copy you)
4. Translating Teenager Talk (A Mother's Guide to Deciphering it All)
5. They Can't Jump Out of a Moving Car (so take the long way and have the sex talk with them)
6. If I had a Million Dollars.
7. Healthy Recipes for Picky Eaters
8. How I Want You To Be My Friend. 
9. What To Do When Your Kids Do ALL of Your Pet Peeves.
10. The Art Of Domesticity (and finding the time to practice it)

oh, and just for fun...

11.  I Can't Find My Keys - A Husband's Guide to Actually Being Helpful in a Crisis.
12.  My Sister Is Grouchy and Lives With Me - An Early Morning Guide to Communication Before Coffee.


Kim said...

Love it!

mich said...

if by "grouchy" you meant "FUN" then yes, i am!

don't expect me to be nice in the morning. i hate mornings and everything they represent.