Monday, September 27, 2010


Helmut and I have a "Bucket List", you know, things we want to do before we die.  One of the items on the list, is to get tattoos together.  Not necessarily matching tattoos, but tattoos that are linked in some way, and that have meaning to each of us. 

I've been wanting a tattoo for quite awhile now, but I don't know what to get, and I have no idea where on my body I'd like it to go. 

My sister-in-law suggested that we get anchors, because of our boat, and I really like that idea.  I LOVE Kate Moss' anchor tattoo:

It's delicate, feminine and totally understated.  I love it. 

I'm also into feathers and birds lately.   Don't know if I'll still like it in 10 years though.  And that is probably why it will take me another 10 years to decide what to get. 

And, where it should go.

Any suggestions?

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