Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great Pie Shortage of 2010

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I love being domestic.  Yes, perhaps I was born into the wrong generation.  Or, perhaps I was born in the right generation, and I'm just odd.  Either way, I love being domestic. 
The problem, is that I work full time, we have 5 kids, I have a husband and somehow, the hours in the day just seem to disappear, leaving little time for domestic pursuits. 

I recently decided to put an end to what I have affectionately named, "The Great Pie Shortage of 2010".  For those of you who have never heard of this particular disaster, allow me to elaborate.  I used to bake pies ALL. THE. TIME.  They are one of my favourite things to bake and a favourite in my family...particularly with my husband. (I have often gone to sleep with a WHOLE freshly baked pie sitting on the counter, only to wake up to half a pie.  Yes. He ate half a pie in the middle of the night.) Suffice it to say, this crisis was greatly affecting not only our dessert budget, but I was also missing this particular domestic activity. 

So, I had a pie baking party.  I invited a few friends (and my friends' daughter Kailyn) over, and we baked pies for 6 hours straight (with a mini break for chips and dip and ice cream cake) and made a grand total of 21 pies.  I made the pastry, my friends chopped/peeled apples, and brought any other fillings they wanted and we had sort of an assembly line going.  We made apple pie, cherry pie, raspberry pie, blueberry pie, apple-blueberry pie and pumpkin pie.  Kailyn took the scraps of crust left over, and little bits of filling and made her own little pie creations.  She said her dad tried to eat them all.  (And, may I add, they were completely adorable and entirely her idea!)

We have already scheduled a day to do our Christmas baking and I'm hoping to do this every couple of months.  We've also talked about making meals together to stick in our freezers. It's a fantastic way to make sure home baked/cooked goods get on our tables, and in our children's tummies. 

Anyone want to join us next time?

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