Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 12th.

Time with friends.  True friends.

It's days like this that I remember how amazing this group of people are. 

They have helped me through some awful days, months and years; and have rejoiced with me in life altering moments and events in my life.

They have provided emotional (and sometimes financial) support and have been true beacons for me in both the light and dark times in my life. 

Today, as my life is in a pretty good place, I feel as though we have finally become friends on a more equal ground. 

And so this evening, we sat and shared a meal, good conversation and laughter together.

I'd never been to the Ichiban before and I thoroughly enjoyed both the food and the experience. 

I ordered possibly the greatest drink I've ever had (yup! they even beat Godfather's!) called the Geisha Girl and it came in this fabulous keepsake cup thing.  I've decided that she will live in my purse, next to my camera, and she will accompany me on all of my travels.  I'm thinking I'll do a weekly post of where my Geisha Girl has gone (complete with pictures of course!) FUN!!!

I'm looking for a name for her...any suggestions??

As I leave you today, I share this photo - hottubbing with 4 of 5 of us ladies.  (I missed you Heather)

Like I said.

True friends.

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Kim said...

Yep - true you!