Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 5th.

photo by Marcy
Helmut and I love each other. We really do.  We are ridiculously, crazy in love.  We still hold hands when we walk.  We still want to be sitting next to each other at family gatherings or other social events.  We still enjoy being together.  We long for each other. 

We don't get to spend a lot of time alone though.  It's hard to do with 5 kids.  Especially since we really like spending time with them too.  We don't often give up our time with them to be alone together. 

But we need to spend time alone too.  It's important to our marriage. 
We miss each other. 

Yes.  Alone time is important.


Kim said...

Great picture.

{melissa} said...

Alone time is SO important. I never realized how much until this semester began and both my boyfriend and I are in grad school. Even though we live together, are lucky to get 20 minutes alone together.
Cherish it :-)

cate said...

this is an issue my husband and I are struggling with at the moment... we're dealing with six kids on a daily basis, including a 3mth old, making life fun, but sometimes incredibly frustrating, too! good luck finding your alone time!

Photographing Mom said...

Wonderful picture and I totally understand about time together!!! Five boys still at home. We tease our 19 yr. old that he spends more time with his girlfriend than his Dad and I get to and we're married!!

Julia said...

I hear ya. We're dealing with the same thing only we only have 2 kids. I see my hubby all the time, but I miss him. Hard to connect the same way while running after a 23 month old and keeping a 7 month old happy...