Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 4th.

What is it about organized events that makes people behave as though they are crazy? 
I know it is partially me.  I have certain expectations in my head of what it is *supposed* to look like, how things are *supposed* to go, how things are *supposed* to flow.
However, I think I'm getting a lot better at just going with the flow and letting things happen the way they'll happen.  
And that is why, even though several people were in bad moods last night; even though I found out that Kelsey doesn't like decorating the tree (seriously! I had NO idea!!!); even though we didn't have hot chocolate or Christmas carols playing; even though the garland that I spent ALL afternoon making was neither long enough, nor was it the right color (so it didn't get used on the tree);even with all of that, we STILL had a good evening. 
We played Killer Bunnies.  We had Helmut's pizza (which is the best pizza in the world).  We got the tree up and decorated.  And. I got one picture of everyone together, smiling (sort of).

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