Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8th.

I sat, in my bathing suit, beside the pool today, waiting to get the little report card from swimming lessons for my kids.  I did not realize how much I wanted them to "pass" until I noticed that my heart was racing and my stomach was nervous. 

Khai was totally fearless this year in swimming.  He did everything his instructor asked him too (and a few things he didn't) and was very proud of his own hard work.  Khai has stuggled with VERY painful ear infections (he actually has tubes in his ears) and is a bit concerned about the water staying in his ears, plus he has to wear his glasses in the pool, so he's been working very hard to overcome those things, and has done SO well.
Declan is not quite sure about a few things.  He started off being very willing to try everything, and has gradually become more and more cautious.  I'm not sure what it is, but cautiousness is not always a bad thing! I just don't want him to become fearful of the water.  One thing he is doing VERY well now, that he hadn't been doing, is blowing bubbles in the water.  He's very proud of himself for that (and so are we)! Declan wears his glasses about 50% of the time in the pool...we're still working on getting him to wear them 100% of the time OUT of the pool, so we're okay with that! But still, he does such a good job.
So, the teachers handed out the cards.  Yup. They both passed.  So proud of you two!

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