Friday, August 6, 2010

The best kind of party...

Yesterday, after picking up a parcel, sending out a parcel and dropping off a teacher's gift (because I ordered them from Etsy and they didn't get here in time for the last day of school...totally my fault!) Brett, Khai, Declan and myself met Shannon and her three kids at Dairy Queen for lunch.  Then we headed over to Ruckers for some arcade fun (even I like some of the games there) and then back to Dairy Queen for a mini birthday party for me!

Shannon bought me a cake  (a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard cake) ; they all sang me happy birthday and we cut it up right there (well, we tried to cut it up!).  It had just come out of the freezer, so it took her about 20 minutes to cut the first piece (I couldn't even get the knife into the cake).  But, eventually we all had pieces and it was DELICIOUS!

Brett ate his like this.  That way he could at least bite into it!

Khai didn't seem to have too much trouble with his.  As long as it's ice cream, he's eating it!

Declan wouldn't let me take his picture.  He was being stubborn.  SHOCKING.  I know.

Shannon and Brooklyn enjoying their cake.

Tyler.  I love you kid.

It was a fantastic birthday party and I really enjoyed spending that time with you all.  Thank you!

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