Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I wish it would have rained today. I love the rain.

Today was a rough day.  I suppose it's to be expected after so many good ones, I suppose I'm due for a bad one, and today was it.

To summarize:

Bad dreams set you up for a bad day.
Common courtesy apparently no longer exists. 
Children will be children.  Especially when you don't want them to be.
Men don't get it.  Ever.
Occasionally I will take something someone said the wrong way.  Other times I'm exactly right and I'm allowed to be offended.
Bathing suit shopping should only be done when you're too drunk to care that you don't look good in ANY OF THEM. 
It's ironic that I hate clutter.  Because my house is full of it.
When the province estimates a bill, they should not estimate it at almost $100 more than last month.  Really, that's just ridiculous.
My bluetooth sucks.

And now, in my grouchy state, I will attempt to play a semi-competitive game of Scrabble on the iTouch with my hubby.  I fully expect to clobber him. 


Kim said...

Shoulda rained here today today...ugh is all I can say for today!

nicole said...

let's hope our tomorrows are better!