Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anyone have a translator handy?

I have discovered that 13 year old boys speak another language.  On the way to the Golf Dome on Friday, with Brett, his friend Chris and Declan, it was as though I had entered a foreign country.  They talked about golf clubs, dirt bikes and boats and those are just the things I understood!  They talked about brands, motors, clubs, and all kinds of other things that sounded like Greek to me.

But, even though I hardly understood a word, it was great to see Brett hanging out with a friend and having fun. The older boys did some *driving* at the driving range, while Declan and I played a round of mini golf.  Although using the word "playing" might be overstating things a bit.  Most of the time, I followed Declan around, holding his putter and mine, while he attempted to throw his ball in/at the obstacles.  He especially loved the little ramps.  They looked like skateboarding ramps to him apparently!

After our game, we headed up to the second level to watch the boys drive.  Declan busied himself by filling up the boys buckets with golf balls.

He usually just put 6 or 8 balls in each bucket, and then carried them back to the boys, but it kept him busy, and happy until their hour was up. 

Then a quick trip to Golf Town (where I felt as though I was again privy to another language). 
I never thought I'd be old enough to say that I didn't understand what the young kids were talking about, but I'm sure they'll be pleased to know that I don't.

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