Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camping Saga...continued

There are two things I remember about the day I affectionately call "camping Monday".  The first, was taking the boat out, again for a short time (I think less than one hour this time), and getting a combination of wind burn and what I think was frost bite, on my toes.  I took a VERY short tube ride with Declan, and was more than happy to let Brett have a turn by himself on the tube after that. 
Mind you, yet again, the kids had fun.

I, on the other hand, used their body heat to warm me while we were sitting on the beach, in blankets and towels. 

Please ignore my camping hair. Camping has to exist outside of normal life, as Hilda once said, and that is how I explain my appearance during that week. 

The second thing, is that Brett caught a gopher! I named him "Gerald the Gopher" and he got into our dining tent and nibbled at Hilda's plums.  So, we used the rest of the plums as bait, seeing as we knew he liked those already, and Brett set up the trap.

A large bucket with a stick to prop it up, attached to a rope that Brett was holding.

We set it up in the dining tent.

After waiting for about an hour (I think), Gerald entered the dining tent, unaware of his impending capture, and scampered up to the bait...and then BAM! Brett pulled the string and Gerald was caught!

Here is a video of his release...

And please no comments about animal cruelty, the gopher was not harmed, and was released immediately. 

Tuesday through Thursday, the rest of our Bible study group came out to join us.  For those adventures, please come back tomorrow!

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