Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There are things I remember...

and things I forget.  I miss you.  I guess that I should.  Three thousand five hundred miles away, but what would you change if you could?

Sorry, a little Counting Crows flashback.  August and Everything After was my favourite CD for a LONG time. 

And now, to the point of this post. 

We were camping last week.  Yes, you read it right, I, Nicole Schuster, went camping for one WHOLE week.  I'm not sure if you remember what the weather was like last week, but allow me to enlighten you.  It was cold.  And windy.  And rainy.  But, there were some wonderful memories that were made while we were out there.

I saw my first shooting star.  Hard work (seriously) for me.  Apparently my eyes have a "shooting star blind spot", but it was awesome when I finally saw it.

We managed to take the boat out on Saturday (the day after we got there) for exactly one hour. 
During that hour, Elijah had his first tube ride

and Hilda and I had our first tube ride together.

and our first little dip in the lake!

Sunday, was freezing.  Seriously cold.  But, after we had a rousing game of soccer to warm ourselves, we managed to head to the beach for a little (and I do mean little) fun.

Sadly, I only had the camera for part of that little excursion, but trust me when I say it was hilarious.  Brett, Khai, Declan and Elijah had their bathing suits on.  Hilda, Chris, Helmut and I were in long pants and sleeves.  The wind would blow the sand into our faces.  Well, at least the kids had fun. 

(P.S. this is my absolute most favourite photo as of this moment)

During our little trip to the beach, Justin and Magda came by.  Thank goodness they did.  If they hadn't, we may not have realized that one of our tarps was on fire back at the campsite.   It was so windy that our overhead tarp had fallen into the fire.  NOT GOOD. 

Anyway, after the rain and the wind, we decided to head in to Kenora for supper.  With the exception of Abby throwing up in her car seat, it was a wonderful break from the "camping" part of our week.  Ha ha.

And, on the way back to the campsite, we saw the most beautiful sight!

Clear sky on the horizon! Absolutely breathtaking!

But, it didn't last long! Come back tomorrow to find out the rest of our little story...


valerie said...

Oh my goodness. It is such a small world. I know Hilda! She and I went to high school together. such a sweet lady. Looks like you had a blast, despite the weather :)

mich said...

I ate at the BP in Kenora this week also!! FUN!