Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 Guilty Pleasures

1. Star Trek. The original, The Next Generation and Voyager. I would love to get into Enterprise, but I just don't have time for yet another series! Perhaps I should buy the DVD's. 

2. Starbucks Grande Non-Fat White Mocha (with whip).  Yes, it's 470 calories (even fat free) but I LOVE them.  In winter, I also love the Creme Brulee Latte.

3.  Say No To Joe?  I read this book at least 3 times a year.  Often more.  It's a "fluff" book that I can get lost in.  I feel a special connection to the heroine, and I love the relationship (once it gets real) between the hero and heroine.  *sigh*  If I could live in a book for a summer I'd live in this one.

4.  Helmut and I aren't big drinkers.  But, when I do have a drink, this is my drink of choice.  1 oz. mixed with Diet Coke and a cherry.  I *heart* amaretto.

5.  Fabric.  I LOVE pretty fabric.  I have to stop myself from going into fabric stores, because I could literally spend hundreds of dollars there. 

6. Cashews.  A completely underrated nut. By far my second favourite.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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