Monday, October 18, 2010

A Birthday Party and A Photo Shoot.

This past weekend was one of the busiest we've had in a long time!  Friday night was our co-worker (and good friend's) 50th birthday party.  I had SUCH a good time.  It was a much needed adult evening with my husband and some good friends.

Saturday was COMPLETELY insane!  At 10 am we had family photos in the exchange district of downtown Winnipeg. The lovely Erin of Erin Keown Photography took our family pictures this year and I'm so excited to see the peeks (they are up already on her blog!!)  The kids were real troopers (despite it being the coldest day of October so far, and the fact that the wind was so strong that my feather earrings would not stay in place) and I think we got some good pictures of everyone, (even Declan, who decided that having his hand in front of his face for each picture was his best pose), and I think we got some great family shots as well.  I was so pleased with how great Erin was with the kids and with me (I needed to be relaxed, several times).  It was a wonderful experience overall. 

Of course, my creative busrts came on both Thursday and Friday, so I had some ideas about what I wanted the kids to bring/do for the photoshoot.  I got them to make some self portraits and bring some props that they felt described them.  Kelsey brought a Tinkerbell mug, Justin, Kyle and Brett pretended to play XBOX with their controllers, while Khai looked over their shoulders, Brett, Khai, Declan and Kyle all had pictures taken with their skateboards, Magda held her dance beads while wearing a dance scarf and I had pictures of myself taken with a book.  Helmut, naturally, didn't have a prop.  I thought it would be hilarious to have pictures of him taken with a power drill or something like that (you know, reminiscent of Debbie Dunning in Home Improvement?)

But, we just got some of him standing.  It's okay.  He's sexy any way you look at him.
I have been eyeing these over at Red Velvet Art for quite some time.  But, they are NEVER in stock when I try to buy one. And while I give full credit for the idea to Rachel Denbow, a girl can only wait so long!  So, seeing as I work a a cabinetry company, I asked one of our guys to cut me the shape out of whatever sized scrap he had and he cut me three! I quickly painted them with chalkboard paint (on Friday night before the party), and I took them on our photo shoot.  It was SO COLD that we really didn't use them as much as I thought we would, but they sure came in handy later on in the evening... more on that to come!

I'll be back with Boo at the Zoo fun and the best marriage tool ever.

Happy Monday!

and, just a side note, I think the Lego camera is just about the coolest thing ever!  It actually is a digital camera!!

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