Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boo at the Zoo 2010

So, after freezing our behinds off during family photos Saturday morning; we decided we hadn't had quite enough punishment, so we went to Boo at the Zoo in the evening.  For those of you who don't live in the Winnipeg area, this is a Halloween event that the Zoo puts on every year.  They have different vingnettes of scary stuff, rides, mini donuts and it's lots of fun for the kids.
My sisster was kind enought to procure VIP tickets again this year, so we were able to get in early and be first in line for most of the rides. 

First up - PONIES! ***I should probably clarify here that pony rides are supposed to be fun and that Declan rode a pony, no more than 3 weeks ago AND LOVED IT - because you won't be able to tell from the pictures of him here. ***

Khai had a blast, and wanted to know his pony's name (Silver, I think?)

You can see my arm in this photo, because I had to walk beside him the entire time.

Pose much???

Next up were the fake ponies on the carousel.  Funnily enough, Declan LOVED this ride and we had only one moment of concern when he got disoriented and couldn't figure out where Daddy was!

Finally one of him looking at the camera!!!

These two are my favourite shots from the evening. I love the light at dusk and these three are just adorable.


Declan giggled the entire time he was on this ride! We actually got a short video clip of them going around, it's so cute!  I showed it to Dekkie and he laughed again!

Loved this truck ride! The kids had a hard time deciding whether to sit in the back of the truck, or the front!!

Now, I guess I should preface these next couple pictures by asking that you read my post about my 6 guilty pleasures (notice the date on it, by the way).  My number one guilty pleasure was Star Trek.  This first photo is of a character named Seven, from Star Trek Voyager.  I was so excited to have my picture taken in front of this cardboard cut out, that I actually couldn't stop smiling.  I wanted to come home right away and see how the photo turned out!  YES! I AM A GEEK! I almost even did the pose she was doing, but I thought that would be taking it too far.

Captain Jack Sparrow.  Man, we make a gooooooood looking couple. HA! At least he would be the good looking HALF of the couple.  

Khai wanted his picture taken in front of this guy (I know his name, but I don't know how to spell it, so at the risk of offending another Star Wars fan, I will refrain from even attempting!)  There was someone dressed up like him, but Khai was too scared to have his photo taken with him. Cute!

These birds were right at the exit.  I think they are both such magnificent creatures.  I love owls in particular, but they were both pretty amazing.  I actually had asked the guy to take a photo of us together (as in the four of us Schuster's who went), and he said sure, you can take their then I kind of had to!

I asked another gentleman to take this photo...he understood what I meant!  Too bad Khai's eyes are closed and Declan isn't even looking at the camera!  A fun night overall!  Thanks Michelle!

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