Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An eventful long weekend!

The long weekend was incredibly eventful! We've had something to do each and every day, and I'm loving summer vacation so far! Warning...photo heavy post!

Canada Day was interesting.  I woke up, cleaned a bit, and then sat down on my freshly laundered bed to check my email on my laptop.  Khai and Declan came and sat with me, Declan on my lap, Khai beside me.  30 seconds later, Declan puked INTO my laptop, he's crying, I'm gagging (I do that when I smell puke) and I'm trying to get him into the tub.  And that was all before 9:30!

So, needless to say, I have not been using my laptop since.  It works, but it smells like puke, so Helmut is going to take it in to clean it.  ICK. 

On July 2nd, we went boating in the afternoon.  Brett is Helmut's new boat helper.  He did a great job getting everything unhooked  and ready to go, and then getting the boat out of the water and covered again.  Dad loves it that you're his new helper Brett!!!

We spent the entire time on (or in) the water.  It was such a relaxing afternoon, I'm looking forward to many many more this summer!
We are cat sitting for my sister, and the kids are LOVING having the cat around. 

(Declan attempting communication with the cat)

(this is where we found the cat when we came home one day)

(Magda gave Declan this dog mat.  Khai brought it out for the cat to sleep on, and she does! adorable!)
Even Justin loves the cat (although, he calls her "Dog").  He came into our room one night after he got home from Magda's place, and took the cat, saying, "I'm taking her now.  You don't need her."  It was quite cute. 
(Can I just say, it's so nice that the kids are comfortable coming into our room when they need something, or just want to chat.  I love it.)

Saturday brought Khai's first visit to CarTown. with a good friend of his, Elijah.   For those of you who have never heard of it, it's a place where kids get to drive!  The city has chosen an arena, painted roads on the concrete and set up a city complete with a McDonald's Drive Thru, a drive thru ATM, a playground, a railway crossing (with real lights), a carwash (with real bubbles) a drive in theatre and real stop lights and stop signs.  The kids drive around in Power Wheels and have to obey the traffic signals.  Khai went with his friend and we had a wonderful hour. One of the best parts? Younger siblings were allowed to ride along with them!

(I apologize for the quality of these pictures...arena's do NOT lend themselves well to photo taking!)

(this fire engine was my favourite! My cute little boys!)

(some impatient people waiting for the bus)

Sunday brought yet another trip out to the lake! But, that will have to wait for another post.  Too many pictures!

Happy Tuesday!

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