Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now and Then.

One year ago today, we said, "Until we meet again" to Noah Grant John Loewen, as he left his earth to join Jesus.  One year ago, I cried uncontrollable tears, not only for Noah, but for Nichole and Brad, Kailyn and Joshua, who lost a son and a brother.

Today, as I read and watched this, I cried again as I continued to grieve for my friends. 

Throughout this year, I have prayed and wondered how to be there for them as they travel this pathway of grief.  I feel as though I have fallen short many times, but I know that the Lord has been faithful to them, and that it's not about me in the least. 

Today, my prayer for them is for peace, even if only for a moment.  My prayer is for continued hope.  My prayer is for faith.  My prayer is that they will be carried today and everyday, by the Lord who comforts. 

We love you guys.  You are dear friends.

You can find Noah's story here.


Kim said...

Nice post Nicole!

Nichole said...

Thank you Nicole. I appreciate your thoughtful words dear friend.