Monday, July 26, 2010


I've always been in love with the Anne of Green Gables stories.  My sisters and I used to watch both Anne of Green Gables, and Anne of Green Gables - the sequel, at least once every couple months.  They were taped off TV (CBC) on a VHS tape and so we the commercials were tapes as well.  Sometimes we watched them (instead of fast forwarding), and eventually knew which ones were coming up.
I've read all the books MANY times, and though I prefer the ones that Anne is featured prominently in, I loved them all.
There are so many scenes in the movies/books that I loved and I often wished I'd grown up in that age.  My big mouth would have seen me no end of trouble I'm sure, but none the less, I wished it.

I also fell in love with the clothes. In particular a shawl that she wore in Anne of Green Gables - the sequel.  I think she wore it in two scenes.  The first when she goes to Diana's engagement party (possibly? it's been a few years since I've seen it) and again when she finds out that Gilbert is dying.  I LOVE that shawl.  I used to drape sweaters, sheets etc. over my shoulders and pretend it was my "Anne shawl". 

While I was searching Google images today for a photo of Anne in the shawl to include in this post (with no avail) , I came across this pattern. It is EXACTLY what I want!  Except in a cross between

and this one (sorry, I don't know where this pic came from).

Actually, this is pretty much perfect. 

Now if only I could find someone to make it for me...

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