Thursday, July 2, 2009

The gym bag....

So, my niece showed me this VERY cool gym bag that she had made in home-ec this year at school, and Brett asked if I could teach him how to make one. Mine varies a little bit from what my niece had done, but the premise is the same!

We stopped at the fabric store on the way home from the skate park at the forks, and I picked up some "skate like" material. Brett wanted to make them sort of "patchwork" so they chose two of the three fabrics I'd purchased and this is what we made!! (Well, Khai finished his, Brett decided to play video games in the middle of making he'll finish later :) )

Brett wants the drawstring on his to NOT be attached to the bottom of his bag (which is not a problem) ...and at least that way they'll be able to tell them apart a little more easily!
They may also embroider something on the solid red part of the bag as well.


Kim said...

Cute bag...I'll have to make Caleb one for next year...I think he needs one for gym class. Did you just whip it up or follow a pattern (yeah, right!). Talk to you soon...what's our next craft? BTW - the teachers LOVED the coasters we made!

nicole said...

LOL...pattern?? What's a pattern??
Tomorrow's craft involves embroidery!