Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Project....

So, last year was the first year we made summer journals (my kids and I). It was so much fun putting them together, but not as much fun being diligent in writing in them. So this year, I came up with 62 "challenges" (little things for them to do) for each day of July and August, so that they have something specific and finite to do everyday. I'm going to post each days challenge, and hopefully some pictures of us doing whatever it is we're doing!

The point of this year's journal is for them to learn something about themselves, and the world around them!!
And here they are! The only one missing is Magda's (justin's girlfriend) because she took hers home with her!

I have to admit, I think Kyle's is my fave. He's Kelsey's boyfriend, and he did the craft ONLY because he knows how much Kelsey loves crafts. Can you tell which one is his?? (here's a hint...he called it "Kyle's fun book of Frustration" ) LOL.

As today is July 2nd, I'll be posting 2 challenges for today.

Challenge #1....take (or have someone else take) a picture of you. Print it, date it and put it on the first page of your journal.

Challenge #2...write down your height, weight, hair color (dyed or not), eye color, shoe size, clothing size etc. Basically, describe your PHYSICAL attributes. As much physical info about yourself that you can come up with. Get your brothers and sisters, mum and dad to help you.

Well...I'm off to teach the kids how to make a gym bag!!

I'll post pictures later tonight if I have time, or tomorrow when I post the next challenge!

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marcy said...

They look great!!!