Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I went for allergy testing. THAT is what they did to me.
96 times they poked my arms!
Count them. 90. 6. times.
It was not the most fun experience of my life...and after all that, I'm only allergic to 2 kinds of mites, trees (yup. trees) and cats (how this one works I'm not quite sure seeing as I've had a cat for at least half of my life!) Anyway. That was fun.

These two....

started pirate camp yesterday. They had a ton of fun! (see previous post for cute parrot story)

This one is getting to be quite the monkey. Khai called me to tell me he was on the ladder of the bunk bed (though not before he was already almost at the top!) I grabbed my camera and made Khai stand behind him while I got this picture.
I had my grandma, two cousins, my sister and her hubby, my other sister and my parents over for supper tonight.

My mother feeding dekkie tea...well she started it...now he's feeding himself.

It was great seeing everyone, though I must admit I was a bit preoccupied as Justin is currently sitting in an emerg waiting room, waiting to find out for sure if he has a collapsed lung. (Our doc suspects, and wants him to go for an immediate x-ray, but he has to wait in emerg to get it)

Today's challenge : pray for someone you love.

Tomorrow's goal: clean basement before camp.

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marcy said...

trees. huh. you can NOT come to my place!! LOL