Saturday, July 4, 2009

i'm baaaaaack....

so, here are a couple photos of our pages from yesterday's challenge. Mine is the only one that is complete as of now...but you'll get the general idea.

Khai and Brett both decided to do stars instead of flowers...and why not? they have points which they can write their attributes in, and it's more "boyish" than a flower. In any case, they preferred the star, and as it is their book, I saw no reason to argue!!

Brett stitched his own,

and I stitched Khai's for him.

They both need to do the writing (well, Khai will write his name, and I will do the rest) and come up with their 5 words.

I also need to make one for Declan...

And, here's mine.
I did a flower. I embroidered everything (words included) and then machine stitched it onto a page from an old book (incidentally, the book was called Late Bloomer by Fern Michaels....I thought the name was kind of funny given the flower :) ). I then used Heidi Swapp's Bark Acrylic Paint to dry brush the outside edges. Then I wrote in pink " i am. i do. i have. i love." in the top right hand corner, and the date in the bottom left.

So. That's that!!

night all...i'm off to sleep.

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