Friday, July 3, 2009

Today's challenge...

is near the end of this post!!

We just got back from a skate park/starbucks run. FUN TIMES! We went to the skate park first, where I got these pics. Khai is doing SO much better on his skateboard, but he still alternates between the scooter and the skateboard. Declan gets mad whenever Khai wants his skateboard back, but we find other stuff to do, so it all works out in the end. Some of Brett's friends were there, so I tried not to follow him around too much taking pictures, but I did manage to get a few really good ones!!
Now for today's project!
I got the idea here:
and here's my take on it!

Instead of drawing the flower...I'm getting each of my kids to embroider the flower on a piece of plain white unfinished canvas. Some of them will draw their flower on the canvas before we start, with pencil, and then just stitch over top.

The canvas is cut to the size of our pages in our books. We will then sew (probably by machine) to a piece of white cardstock and hole punch it accordingly.

In the middle of the flower will be their names, and each petal with be something about themselves.

You get the idea.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the kids come up with for this one!!!
I have photos of the challenge to post, but I'll have to do that in the morning!!!

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