Saturday, July 4, 2009


So far, today has NOT been great.
Tell me, does "letting it all go" mean to stop caring? Because I'm not quite sure how to separate the two....and, if I stop caring...then what is the point??

ANYWAY...enough of that!

Today's "challenge" to my kids, was to simply write down in their journals the thing (or things) that make their hearts race. The things they get either excited about or scared by. Anything that makes their heart leap into their throats or beat wildly.

The things that make my heart race are/were:

my first kiss with Helmut
planning Helmut and my wedding
giving birth
seeing Brett skateboard (he's so good, but it makes me nervous watching :) )
when I'm about to say something that I know I have to say, but don't really want to
watching Khai's piano recital
seeing Justin get honour roll (and graduate)
when Kelsey confides in me
that first moment when I knew I was in love with Helmut (but I didn't tell him because I didn't want to say I love you first), and being scared he didn't feel the same way (my heart beat fast for DAYS until he finally said it)
seeing Declan do something or discover something for the first time.

I will post pictures of completed pages later tonight!

I'm off to get Declan into bed. Khai has a very high fever and isn't feeling well, so I'll snuggle with him until bedtime, and then Helmut and I need to eat dinner too (we fed the kids already Mum...and yes, they had protein) ;P

I'll be back later!

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